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Elerax – Sunkissed [Review]

Elerax – Sunkissed [Review]

Sunkissed is the latest track from Elerax.

From the mind of artist and producer Alex Overd, a.k.a. Elerax, comes a tune that has all the qualities that make this an absolute banger. The impressive thing about Sunkissed is the minimalistic approach taken. The synth melody is kept consistent, remaining catchy throughout, as the soaring vocals boost the track’s likability.

The overall production element of the tune is outstanding, too. The smart use of panned vocals are an excellent touch and used with care. The live drum sound is a bold choice, which has definitely paid off here. Once you have listened to Sunkissed once you are sure to agree it has everything to make it a quintessential piece of summertime electro-pop.

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