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Eleanor Idlewood – Little Secrets [Album Review]

Eleanor Idlewood – Little Secrets [Album Review]

Little Secrets is the debut album from Eleanor Idlewood.

Released digitally in September 2020 and on physical copy in January 2021, Eleanor Idlewood channels the mysterious side of the 80s synth-pop in her first album. Self-described as ‘Living in 2107, but still in the 80s’, Idlewood has summed up the sound perfectly. There is a futuristic essence that runs right through every track on the album. You are thrown back in time as the thumping synth tones and percussion gives an underlying clinical tone.

There’s a huge industrial element to the tracks as well. The album kicks off with the atmospheric 2084, giving you a taste right from the start of what you’re in for. By the time you reach Lost Blue Boy and Green Eyes, you have seen the mysterious 80s vibes pulsating through your mind. The rest of the album takes on a more atmospheric soundscape. There are drone-style synth tones galore, layering over each other, taking you to another world before the jarringly playful Two Minute finishes the album superbly. Little Secrets is a tremendous journey through the mysterious and darker elements of musicality and shouldn’t be one to miss.

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