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Edith Lane – Eden on the Park

Edith Lane – Eden on the Park

Edith Lane, Australia’s latest Alt-Rock offering are taking us on an introspective journey in their new album ‘Eden on the Park’.


It’s nice to see a band fully committing to a concept album in 2020 –  ‘Eden on the Park‘ stands as a wonderful reflection on isolation and vulnerability we’re all experiencing right now. The album is almost a coming of age for Edith Lane, 8 years in the making and finally made a reality in 2020.  Inspired by lead singer Victor’s own life experiences, the idea of ‘Eden on the Park’ was largely informed by the poetry of Peter Porter and the works of bands such as Radiohead and Sonic Youth. The performances are raw and authentic, reverberating between beautiful but intense moments of instrumental cacophony and quiet moments of exposed contemplation.




It’s emotional, and there’s a lot of vulnerability in it, but we don’t want to portray it as a sad album, nor do we want to come across as having a sense of self-importance. I guess the feelings would be honest, self-aware, something along those lines.” 


Recorded in a small home studio in Footscray called Love Shack Studios, owned and run by bandmate Jessicca. This isolated setting gave way to intimate performances recorded without any sense of pressure. This is an introspective album to get lost in and offers up a sense of real human connection. Bringing you a melting pot of genres is five-piece Alt-rock band, Edith Lane. Formed of members from around the Melbourne area, Edith Lane have been active for the past 8 years and have been working on this their debut album for nearly all of that time.


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