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Ed The Dog – Funny Turns [Review]

Ed The Dog – Funny Turns [Review]

British band, Blur, did many things for many people in the ‘90s. They kept a north (west)-south divide alive in the music press as Brit-pop and helped launch a thousand haircuts onto the Top Of The Pops music show on UK TV. They also wrote, perhaps, the greatest and simplest of adrenaline running pop/rock/indie tunes of all time in Song 2.

Trying to emulate, or pay homage to Song 2, the tune that launched Blur into stardom in the U.S. is no easy task, but British artist Ed The Dog has made a pretty decent attempt at its recreation; accidental or not. With a cut and break similar to Ottway and Barrett’s Really Free, Ed’s Funny Turns seems autobiographical in nature. As with all genius there’s wonder in the multitude of rhythm and melody here. This cut ‘n’ thrust, fast break to lament works wonderfully well and will undoubtedly allow slots at festivals and playlists for this young pretender.


Review by Craig Beauman

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