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Ecstatic Union – Let It Be Love [Premiere]

We’re delighted to bring you the exclusive first listen of ‘Let It Be Love’ by LA-based Psych-rockers Ecstatic Union.

I’m beginning to suspect there’s something slightly funky laced in the water of California. Time and again the US west coast proves itself to be the capital and chief purveyor of contemporary psychedelia. From Wooden Shjips through to Ty Segall and (Thee) Oh Sees, it’s an illustrious, mind-bending, and intimidatingly talented list, but one that Ecstatic Union are rapidly proving they belong on.

Like recent singles ‘Desert Queen’ and ‘Neurons’, ‘Let It Be Love’ finds EU delving into the poppier side of the psychedelic spectrum. From the moment it’s punchy opening chords hit, it’s clear we’re in for 3-minutes of frenetic, unfettered fun. Frontman Rex Costello carries the track with his infectiously energetic and ever-so-slightly unhinged vocal delivery, with the music feeding symbiotically from his energy, from the frantic, Sonics-like guitar solo to the outrageously manic organ solo at the end.

The track flies along at such a pace that makes it as though the whole thing could descend into anarchic chaos at any second, adding a layer of maniacal tension that leaves you helplessly gripped as you desperately cling on.

Detractors of this style often dismiss it as outdated nostalgia that should have been confined to history along with the rest of the 60s, but those who did miss the point of psychedelia entirely. It’s a timeless genre that delights in letting go of logic and reason and embracing intuitive immediacy and love, and it’s that spirit that Ecstatic Union have so brilliantly tapped in to in a delightful dissemination of raucous bliss.


Review by Jamie George

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