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Ecstatic Union – Desert Queen [Review]

Ecstatic Union – Desert Queen [Review]

‘Desert Queen’ by Ecstatic Union is an audible journey to a completely different world.

After the opening seconds of this track, you can almost feel yourself in the middle of the sun soaked deserts of southern California, as the blaring electric guitars kick in and transport you away. Their sound is a cross between the desert/stoner rock style made famous by Queens Of The Stone Age and the psychedelic complexities of Tame Impala. It’s an interesting blend, and it pays off handsomely.

The slightly distorted vocals from singer Rex Costello add to this vibe, even if it does make it more difficult to decipher the lyrics. The thunderous guitars of the verses give way very nicely to the melodic chorus, and briefly changes the pace of the song, before returning to its previous intensity. This song gives you absolutely no doubt that Ecstatic Union are a group of very talented musicians, whether its the excellent guitar riffs or the rumbling bass lines, they certainly have a lot to offer.

Up until now, the band has released two full length studio albums, and this single is taken from their upcoming ‘Neurons’ EP which is set to be released at some point this summer.


Review by Joseph Russ

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