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Eckhardt and The House – If You Cannot Talk [Review]

Eckhardt and The House – If You Cannot Talk [Review]

Nerdy Netherlands electro band Ekhardt and The House hits us with their new track ‘If You Cannot Talk’.

Netherlands-based electro-pop outfit Eckhardt and The House were the brainchild of producer Rik Elstgeest, who along with producer friends Bo Koek and Gerry Arling have so far released eight singles and an album. Unashamedly nerdy and brilliantly experimental, the outfit has recently changed direction from the laid back, easy listening sounds of their early releases in favour of a more upbeat and danceable indie sound.

The first fruits of this new direction can be heard on the single ‘If You Cannot Talk’. Combining lyrics telling the tale of a young girl on a long distance bus ride with music across between Chic and the funkier moments of Talking Heads, ‘If You Cannot Talk’ is a pop classic in the making. Listeners will instantly be reminded of Daft Punk’s mega-hit ‘Get Lucky’ and perhaps this was an intentional effort on the band’s part to achieve the same sort of success. Instantly likeable and infectiously danceable, given the right exposure, this single could easily be the unexpected hit of the year.


Review by Alice Jones

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