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Echo Upstairs – Clouds [Review]

Echo Upstairs – Clouds [Review]

Clouds is the latest shoegaze spine-tingler from Brazilian group Echo Upstairs.

Echo Upstairs - Clouds [music video]

Every member of Echo Upstairs has bags of experience playing in Brazilian indie and shoegaze bands. In 2018, they decided to come together and form a new project, Echo Upstairs. Clouds is their second single and has the essentials of a cracking shoegaze tune; plenty of delay and plenty of distortion. It’s captivating right from the start, as you dive into waves of sonic wonderment and eerily cosy vocal lines.

The steady, drone-like rhythm takes over, putting you into a lofty trance. Clouds evokes the same feeling you had when you listened to My Bloody Valentine for the first time. It’s the same out of body experience, as you gently saunter through the dreamy soundscape, returning down to earth once your time with them is up. Clouds is an astonishingly composed track that sticks with you like no other.

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