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Earthquake Lights – The Fix [Review]

Earthquake Lights – The Fix [Review]

Earthquake Lights shared an awesome track with us. This is The Fix.

New York City based rock ‘n’ roll band, Earthquake Lights, take their inspiration from a more traditional, classic rock style. Their tones share that 60’s psychedelia combined with a more contemporary and much trimmer 70/80s instrumentalism. There’s a little of the Beatles here in this track. The band’s lyrics also touch on sensitivity, again mirroring some of the Rock giants of yesteryear.

Their ‘current’ single, The Fix, is a pre-album reminder from a long-previously released EP. So, it’s not a new song – it was released in 2012; but, this makes sense given its genre. It’s three minutes which reflect consistently fresh-sounding music. Listening to The Fix, you’re going to experience stirring harmonies against a backdrop of dreamy guitar and soft rhythm-infused beats to transport the listener to wherever they wish to go. There’s Radiohead, The Who and some nod in the direction of a more able Pink Floyd at times. There’s no rush here, no need to get to wherever you’re going in a hurry. Just sit back and listen to the jazz-laden Ray Manzarek-played (not really, but it could have been) piano/organ to point soulfully in The Door’s direction. Neat.

This is a teaser, there’s an album on its way. All good news.


Review by Craig Beauman

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