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Earthquake Lights – Choke ‘Em Up [Review]

Earthquake Lights – Choke ‘Em Up [Review]

Rock ‘n’ Roll band Earthquake Lights, based in New York City, are preparing to release their full-length debut album after six years since their last debut EP and singles.

Having been written and recorded in New York, Los Angeles, and Abbey Road Studios in London, they follow a long line of legendary artists who have recorded within this well-established recording studio. With a focus on vintage tones and genuine instrumental passion their lead single from their previous debut EP ‘Choke ‘Em Up’ picks up the themes and musical meanings that bands such as ‘Royal Blood’ and ‘The Who’ also focus on.

Their upcoming full-length debut maintains a more traditional rock and roll sound in the style of ‘Radiohead’, ‘Beck’, and ‘The Who’. The band draws heavy influence from classical and jazz backgrounds with the sounds of Miles Davis and Joao Gilberto influencing the blended textures and harmonies that are evident within some of their previous tracks and rumoured some of their new ones to.

‘Choke ‘Em Up’ is a clear step into what the band used to be able to achieve. With years gone by, new technological advances and a whole heap of practice it will be interesting to see what these guys will be showing off next. With vintage sounds being their key thought process and the ability to blend old with new their up and coming album release is something to keep your eyes and ears open to. Judgeless is a key word to hold in your head when listening to any of Earthquake Lights music. As not only does it not judge you, you shouldn’t judge it.


Review by Charlie Hall

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