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Dyllan – Love (Kendrick Lamar Cover) [Review]

Dyllan – Love (Kendrick Lamar Cover) [Review]

Singer-songwriter Dyllan blew us away with this stunning cover of Kendrick Lamar’s LOVE.

Before I even hit play on this one I thought to myself – this is either going to blow my mind or completely suck. More often than not, I hate it when singer-songwriters attempt their own version of classic rap cuts – but this track is above and beyond.

Kendrick Lamar is not an easy act to cover, and he also happens to me one of my favourite artists of the past decade or so. Luckily for everyone, this cover is immaculate. Dyllan serves up the perfect homage to the original track, with smooth vocal lines and flawless delivery of complex bars.

Dyllan is clearly a talent with the confidence and audacity to take on a track like this. And it’s paid off – in my eyes at least. This interpretation has a life all of its own and deserves your undivided attention.

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