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Dyllan – Heartspace (Clare Ayls Remix) [Review]

Dyllan – Heartspace (Clare Ayls Remix) [Review]

Dive deeper into Dyllan & Claire Ayls’ “Heartspace”, with this new collaboration from two astonishingly talented female producers.



“Heartspace” marks the first collaboration between LA based songstress and producer Dyllan, (who blew us away last year with her cover of Kendrick Lamar’s LOVE) and producer/friend Claire Alys.


The two are talents in their own right, but I found this remix to be particularly special. There’s always danger that a remix could suck the life out the original track, not the case here though – the production is thoughtful and tonnes of space is created for Dyllan’s vocals to fly high in spectacular fashion. And when a new instrument drops into the mix, it’s rich and textured. It’s a remix that adds new depth to an already great track.


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You can feel both producers’ personalities complementing each other; the bass line moves melodically with the vocals, the sampled effects swirl around the live electric guitar line. Deep vocal effects start to layer on top of the main line, and the song almost starts to feel like a duet.


It’s complex, emotional stuff that leaves you wanting more. Hopefully we’ll hear another collaboration in the future? We think the future’s bright for these two producers.


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