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Dy3nasty – Not The Same [Review]

Dy3nasty – Not The Same [Review]

This is Not The Same, the latest track from Dy3nasty, featuring Realsadboy and Dengal.

Not The Same is a grooving, unpredictably electronic and effortlessly cool three and a bit minutes of unmissable new music. I was honestly surprised at just about every turn on this track – and in the best possible way.

It introduces itself with funky electro sounds and the soothing vocal tones, with driving bass, just the right level of vocoder and even the lick of electric guitars. It starts a head-bopper before transforming itself altogether into a body-shaker at around the half-way point.

When Indianna rapper Connor Powell aka Realsadboy enters the fray with his slick, tight and expertly-delivered bars, this track turns into a true banger. I was actually immediately driven to search for more tracks from Realsadboy after hearing his verse, but was disappointed when I couldn’t find anything out there. Maybe I’m missing something? Anyway…

This is the kind of song that would elicit the same primal response whether you played it in the car or in the club. It’s a big tune with big potential.

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