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Dumaresq – Be Pretty [Review]

Dumaresq – Be Pretty [Review]

This is ‘Be Pretty’, the new one from multi-instrumentalist Joe Kneipp aka Dumaresq.

It’s hard enough to be a musician I’m told. But apparently, it’s even harder to be a multi-instrumentalist. You’re either ridiculously egotistic or you just haven’t got any friends. Now I’m not so sure. Having heard the debut single, Be Pretty by Dumaresq I reckon there’s another angle: sheer talent. At least if you play on your own, you get to control the talent, ego or no ego.

Now I’m not sure whether Joe Kniepp plays and produces all the sounds on this track. I think he does. Information is scarce on this 23-year-old from Brisbane, Australia. There, that’s all I can gather. But the lack of a juicy backstory may be deliberate, the punchy debut track lacks nothing. The slick riff-thump intro announcing this isn’t going strings and orchestra is quickly followed by similarly crashing symbol rhythm deliberately to draw in those people the lyrics lament from languishing in automaton narcissism.

Be Pretty comments on what we see around us and provides a sharp, rousing reminder that normality in 2018 isn’t about emotion, but about self-image. Perhaps. Right or wrong the tune kicks life into you, while at the same time boosting your vocabulary. Check it out, you’ll see what I mean!


Review by Craig Beauman

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