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Duets and Stuff – Serve Somebody [Review]

Duets and Stuff – Serve Somebody [Review]

Swedish indie-pop duo Duets and Stuff have shared a delightfully catchy new tune ‘Serve Somebody’.

There’s an infectious and impressive simplicity to the track, drawing influence from the like of Feist, La Roux and The XX. ‘Serve Somebody’ has a light, airy and innocent tone, with colourful melodies bouncing around behind wonderful vocal lines.

This is the first single from a duo with bags of potential, offering up a synth-laced alternative pop escape from the monotony. It’s the kind of song that creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere, gradually bringing an involuntary smile to the listener.

If you’re in a rough mood today, give this a spin and you’ll be back to your old self in no time. It’s easy to spread some happiness with this one!


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