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Dreams on Tape – Wide Awake [Review]

Dreams on Tape – Wide Awake [Review]

Wide Awake is the first track from Dreams on Tape’s upcoming EP Nostalgia.

Dreams on Tape is the experimental indie project from Florida’s own Jake Benfant. Recorded solely through his apartment set up, Wide Awake has a raw, lo-fi essence and memorable indie rock tendencies. It’s The Strokes meets MacDemarco, as the punchy vocal melody combines perfectly with the twee, chorus laden guitar parts.

The impressive thing about Wide Awake is that the dreamy energy doesn’t get lost for one second. There’s still plenty of variation in the track, but the momentum is kept consistent throughout. This is in part down to the fantastic attention to detail and sheer musical brilliance that Dreams on Tape possesses. Be sure to check the EP out when it drops because if Wide Awake is anything to go by, we are in for a treat.

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