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Drea Rose – Intuition [Review]

Drea Rose – Intuition [Review]

Chilled out R&B artist Drea Rose is back again with a fresh new song.

INTUITION (audio only)

Having the privilege of co-writing this track with Tim Atlas from The Voice and Jesse Barrera she has been able to take her song writing skills to another level. Sounding more polished and evolved as an artist the track takes you on a funky little journey.

The track itself ‘Intuition’ is based around her own experiences with love and what it means to her. “The song is about the first time I confessed my attraction towards a girl that always dated guys and how we ended up together”. This heartfelt story behind the song really exemplifies what it means to come out in this day in age. With more and more people being publicly queer to have up and coming artists such as Drea Rose also be openly gay helps.

Based in LA the Soul artist very much believes in writing about who and what you love. Having released several covers and remixes of tracks hearing her own written work shows how far she has come and developed as an artist.


Review by Charlie Hall

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