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Dragonfly Cutter — Dragonfly Cutter EP [Review]

Dragonfly Cutter — Dragonfly Cutter EP [Review]

Dragonfly Cutter, the Michigan-based hip hop/rap duo made up of dantethescribe and Muzicfordasoul, has released a six-song eponymous EP.

‘Dragonfly Cutter’ is a standout debut of the two artists coming together. Distinctive instrumentals flow with rap lyrics (one of which is reminiscent of the golden days of ‘The Real Slim Shady.’

According to the duo, their goal isn’t to become the type of rap artist that appears more closely to be an idol than a typical passerby. The amount of thought that went into each track is both unquantifiable and dubious at the same time — it is that split second of doubt that will attract listeners and continue to attract a growing fanbase.

‘Dragonfly Cutter’ is music for regular people. It is rife with the struggles, the emotions, and the passions of everyday life, and it does it with a punch. Listeners not only hear the duo’s stories; they feel them.

The duo has succeeded greatly with this debut EP. It is as much a representation of themselves and the force of music they have the power to become than it is the people that inspire them each day.

With this EP, it begs the question, who would want to be anything other than a regular person?


By Madison Obermeyer

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