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Downhaul – SMAK [Review]

Downhaul – SMAK [Review]

‘She May Already Know (SMAK)’ is the new release by emo-adjacent band, Downhaul.

‘SMAK’ immediately serves up a catchy intro, promising an upbeat, infectious journey ahead. This simple, yet effective track is sure to appeal to emo-pop rock listeners with its heavy guitar lines and flamboyant vocals.

Throughout the track, Downhaul showcase their clear talent through the killer guitar riffs. “She May Already Know” makes for the perfect listening experience with your friends on a hot summers day, hitting you with its heavy, yet unique vibe. This one’s a little more full-on than your typical pop-rock ballad.

In 2018, we’ve been introduced to and are now surrounded by many new and far-too-similar pop and indie bands. So it’s is refreshing to witness a band like Downhaul on the rise with a different sound to that we hear all too often in the charts today.

‘SMAK’ features on Downhaul’s third EP, ‘Where We Started’. Judging from this single alone, I think this EP is destined for success.


Review by Victoria Harris

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