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Dott – Bleached Blond [Review]

Dott – Bleached Blond [Review]

The garage pop sensation Dot have dropped their newest single entitled Bleached Blonde from their album Heart Swell.

The album is filled with raw emotions, the band from Ireland have truly put their hearts on their sleeve in this album reflecting on pain, pride, and acceptance. ‘Bleached Blonde’ showcases upbeat melodies and harmonies which create a positive but brash sound.

Anna McCarthy, singer and guitarist wrote ‘Bleached Blonde’ while spending time at the West Coast of Ireland where she spent her time surfing while also recording demos. Therefore, it is not surprising that themes of the sea, acceptance and individual growth feature in ‘Bleached Blonde’ and another tracks on the album including ‘Floating Arrows’, and ‘Heart Swell.’ The political atmosphere of Ireland also weaves its way into the song as McCarthy reflects on same sex marriage. Not only is this song a sprightly foot-tapper, its political and emotional engagement makes it an endearing listen. Definitely check it out!


Review by Georgia Jackson

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