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This is ‘Common Language’, the latest psych-rock track and visual feast from Domiciles.

Beaming psychedelic waves out of Scotland, Domiciles are clear in their vibe. ‘Retro psych pop.’ Retro takes an unusual, yet altogether twee definition these days. Not this track, mind. It reminds me of an evening in December 1995, when Ian Brown threatened someone behind me in the crowd at the Whitley Bay Ice Rink. Common Language’s retro feel takes me back to that moment.

With a band-made video to rival Peter Gabriel’s seminal Sledgehammer (look it up if in doubt), Domiciles’ Common Language (note: no definite article in their band name) ignite a Stone Roses’ firebrand. Go dust off those attic-hidden, suitcase-containing baggy jeans, Stussy bucket hat, and tie-dyed t-shirt to groove all 4 minutes 33 seconds.

There’s a certain eastern-Ottoman tranquility about this tune. Deep, slow, powerful beat intro, jangling, Mr. Squire, perhaps, inspired, or perhaps Ray Manzarek (check out Domicile’s Clearing video) patented up and down flow to the fret-board skills of the lead guitar. Lyrics are there to be listened to. And, if you can’t hear them, then you’re not listening hard enough – I heard someone once say.


Review by Craig Beauman

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