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Djakarta – On The Moon [Review]

Djakarta – On The Moon [Review]

On The Moon is an indie pop song from Djakarta, it is a dreamy piece of music, which would fit perfectly on any chilled playlists.

The track was created by two Australian-French brothers, Raphael and Tristan Stuart, and is part of their self-produced, self-titled, first EP.

There are ethereal vocals, soaring through the track and giving it a distinct edge.

Though the band have created their own, unique, sound, you can hear the influences of Alt J and Tame Impala in the floating rhythms of the track.  Within the swelling synth and acoustic guitars, the track also has traces of psychedelic rock, such as the likes of The Flaming Lips.

On the Moon is an absolute delight to listen to and we hope to get a chance to see Djakarta live in action soon. We think they would make a great fit in the summer festival scene. We’re excited to watch this space.


Review by Ellie Lewis

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