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DJ SupaTruka ThaGrim – Thoughts In My Head [Review]

DJ SupaTruka ThaGrim – Thoughts In My Head [Review]

We’re lucky that the ‘Thoughts In My Head’ EP features 12 versions of the same track—a new sensory experience in each track lends appreciation to the skill and passion behind the project. Do yourself a favor; put on some headphones, start the EP at track one, and close your eyes.

An odyssey of emotional presentism, DJ SupaTruka ThaGrim and rapper Addison D’ Savage transport listeners through the integrity and intensity behind the memories that inspire artists to create. The fully produced track of ‘Thoughts In My Head’ is bombastic in its approach as the rapper explores his struggle with mental health; vocals are carried and simultaneously influenced by the piano, harp, and electronic beats building in the background. Neither track seems to fight with the other and can confidently stand on its own, as the producer demonstrates.

Moving further down the EP, listeners are exposed to the raw vocals, the raw instrumentals; DJ SupaTruka ThaGrim isn’t afraid of showing his music for what it really is, and by extension, who he really is. The producer expertly showcases his skill—he knows not to rush the beat, to slow things down.

At first, I was confused when I realized each track was just another version of the same song. Then I realized nothing could describe the discourse between psyche and reality in a struggle with mental health as well as hearing parts of the same track over and over. Often, struggling with mental health is meant to be a story told in the past tense. That story has a better ending at least.

What DJ SupaTruka ThaGrim and Addison D’ Savage have accomplished on the ‘Thoughts In My Head’ EP make it known that these conversations are OK to have, and to keep having; though soon, something tells me, the producer’s music will be the hot topic itself.


By Madison Obermeyer

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