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DIET. – Forget About It [Video]

DIET. – Forget About It [Video]

Melbourne band DIET. are back with their fresh new single ‘Forget About It’.

DIET. - Forget About It

Ironically enough, it’s been hard to forget about this song; it’s been in my head since I first heard it! Since they released their debut single ‘Your House’ back in 2015, DIET.’s sound has definitely grown but still retains their classic vibe, sounding ever like the lovechild of The Smiths and The Cure, both of whom are big influences for the band.

I love the classic indie-rock vibe that comes from this song- what with the upbeat, fast-tempo guitars and drums, accompanied by the somewhat carefree lyrics and downbeat vocals. What makes the song really interesting is that although the components appear to juxtapose each other to an extent, they still complement each other so well and create a musical masterpiece that just makes you want to dance around your bedroom whilst singing into your hairbrush and maybe even play a little air guitar…

Soon after the single’s release on 1st February 2018, DIET. released a fun music video for ‘Forget About It’, filled with some nice choreography inspired by the likes of Christopher Walden in Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice’ video.

Keep an eye out for more of the fantastic DIET. as ‘Forget About It’ is only the first little taste of their new EP which is set for release sometime later this year -- I can’t wait to hear more!


Review by Sian Vadher

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