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Dia Hassan – Call From Space [Review]

Dia Hassan – Call From Space [Review]

EDM producer DIA has just released his brand new single ‘Call From Space’.

‘Call From Space’ is euphoric from the get go. Atmospheric synths, arpeggiated melodies and deep, bass-heavy drum line blend together, laying a perfect platform for DIA’s minimal yet euphoric vocal performance.

Although very much at the beginning of his electronic music career, DIA is no stranger in Dubai’s music scene. Formerly the front man of homegrown rock-band Juliana Down, he earned the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Guns N Roses and Muse, before the band played their final show in front of 15,000, supporting 30 Second to Mars.

Moving into electronic music, DIA started to write songs that he felt ‘represented the kind of music I was listening to at that time and still to this day’. With his new venture, he hopes to connect with a new audience, using ‘sounds that evoke imagination’.

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