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Des Rocs – HVY MTL DRMR [Review]

Des Rocs – HVY MTL DRMR [Review]

Des Rocs will take your breath away with his gloriously wild debut single, ‘HVY MTL DRMR’.

Des Rocs is the latest musical project of Danny Rocco, formerly of pop duo Secret Weapons. His debut offering, ‘HVY MTL DRMR’, is a euphoric shock to the system, challenging everything you previously thought about modern rock music. Clearly, Des has something to say, and he wants to say it as loudly and boldly as he possibly can.

From the opening, it’s clear that Des Rocs takes a no holds barred approach to music. ‘HVY MTL DRMR’ is essentially a call to arms. The energy is infectious, and is carried throughout the track by explosive drums and growling bass. Des’ powerful vocals also bring to mind the wild gusto of Freddie Mercury, especially during Queen’s ‘News of the World’ years. Part of the beauty of ‘HVY MTL DRMR’ is that it’s deliberately difficult to categorise – it occupies a glorious space between heavy rock anthem and infectious club banger.

As Des himself has argued: “I don’t want to save rock and roll . . . I just want to give people the feeling I think we’re missing.” On ‘HVY MTL DRMR’, Des has delivered a sound that definitely lives up to this promise. Listen to it loud.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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