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Demko – Resilience [Album Review]

Demko – Resilience [Album Review]

Resilience is the new album from Demko.

The beauty showcased in this album is the seamless transition between retro inspiration and contemporary flow. Right from the first track, you are blown away by the smooth jazz feel and the intricate vocal flow. This sets the tone for the rest of the album as you are taken on an immaculate, hip-hop-infused journey.

By the time you have reached Feelin’, you already have a good idea of what Demko is all about. Feelin’ cements this as the blend of smooth and catchiness compels you to hear more. Love You is the turning point in the album. Demko leaves the in your face hip hop beats and takes on a more floaty, introspective tone for the rest of the album. Sick Day, Blame and Rain all have a more lucid vibe to them, as well as bringing in more prominent jazz touches. You can’t help but wander through the rest of the album, before the penultimate track A Day at a Time comes along. Demko uses a slightly different approach on this one, with echoey, reverb-drenched guitar work taking the focus and setting you up for the perfect end to the album.

Resilience is out now and is a stand out example of easy-going hip-hop that’s accessible to anyone.

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