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Davalenco – Doler [Review]

Davalenco – Doler  [Review]

This is Doler, the latest track from Mexican-Canadian urban artist Davalenco.

Doler blends notes of reggae and urban sounds to create an undeniably infectious pop ballad. The passion in Davalenco’s voice shine through on this track, drawing the listener in and keeping them on the hook throughout.

Doler’s main appeal comes from Davalenco’s powerful vocals, while his instrumentals take somewhat of a back-seat. From start to finish, there’s no holding back and plenty of catchy melodies to sink your teeth into. This song has a truly unique style and unpredictability, mixing musical styles in a way that is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners.

If you haven’t already, hit play above to listen and watch the video for Doler.

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