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Dark Note – Trapped [Review]

Dark Note – Trapped [Review]

Dark Note have released their debut single ‘Trapped,’ an eerie, instrumental experience favoring synthetic climaxes over lyrical choruses.

The duo, Lebanese producers Saiid Zeidan and Anthony Nemnoum, came together to form their own record label EDM Rekords LTD. ‘Trapped’ is a sneak peak at what is to come from their debut album, which will be released on 15 August.

It’s dark and a bit spooky to listen to, but whether the track, barren of vocals save for four words, would succeed as a live stage performance I’m unsure. ‘Trapped’ is undoubtedly an ASMR experience; I could feel the electrical current zapping through my body as it interrupted lovely piano melodies. The track seems to reflect the painful bursts of reality faced when one rather prefers a dreamlike state.

However, while the incendiary synthetic interferences shocked me and fed my curiosity as to where the song would bring me next, I was disappointed at the track’s abrupt ending—I even checked to make sure I didn’t accidentally turn off my speakers. A missed mark, the cutoff left me void of the eeriness that built up inside as I listened to ‘Trapped.’

It seems that, though captive for a mere three minutes and 14 seconds, Dark Note too easily lets listeners go.


By Madison Obermeyer

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