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DanielfromSalem takes us to a loco carnival of sound in the new vid for ‘So Loco’.

The track is an alt-rock banger, with an equally intense video to match. DanielFromSalem blends electronic elements with classic alternative traits to create something big, bold and unforgettable.

There are hints of Twenty One Pilots here, as well as influences from the noughties alternative scene which give it an almost nostalgic tone. Definitely one for old school MCR fans looking for a new artist to match their tastes. There aren’t many artists left out there these days doing the things DanielFromSalem is bringing to the table.

Daniel describes his own sound as something that will make you tilt your head to the side in confusion but soon you will be throwing your hands in the air and jumping up and down. And we couldn’t agree more. It’s great to hear an artist producing this kind of balls-to-the-walls alternative track in 2019.

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