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Dandila – Dallas Droptop [Review]

Dandila – Dallas Droptop [Review]

Dandila brings his blend of jazz and hip hop to the table with Dallas Droptop.

Dandila has groove in abundance and flow like no other. The elegantly poised vocal pattern drifts over the fusion of jazz and synth ambience, culminating in a track that you won’t be putting put down in a hurry. It’s all packed into 2 minutes of sheer musical brilliance that will leave you wanting more.

Dallas Droptop has the jazz-infused hip-hop nuances of Soweto Kinch, and the scintillating arrangement you would find in a Flying Lotus banger. The way the different genres all fit together is a testament to the talent Dandila possesses. He has managed to find the masterful balance of experimentation and familiarity, producing a track that is accessible to anyone.

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