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Dan Donovan – Recover [Review]

Dan Donovan – Recover [Review]

Taken from Dan Donovan’s debut EP ‘Light and Dark’, this the bluesy new single ‘Recover’.

Written about a woman who inspired Dan with her strength and character and the good that she does. ‘Recover’ was recorded in his studio with Dan playing all of the instruments himself. “‘Recover’ sat on the shelf for some time” explains Dan Donovan who was blown away by the track once he returned to it in a chilled state of mind 6 months later. For fans of Van Morrison, there is a delightfully chilled out and retro vibe to this track which floats along with light percussion, creating a beautiful fluid track.

Dan Donovan was born in Marylebone London, but thinks of Bristol as his hometown. Building his own studio in ’95’ which quickly became the central hub for DJ’S and EDM producers and was a very experimental phase in his songwriting and musical experiences. Dan’s first release was a compilation album of artists recording at the studio called ‘State Of Mind, Expose the Hide-Out’ and was released on the Bristol Trip Hop label Cup Of Tea Records. Two of the tracks from the album were licensed to 6 various artist dance albums, including ‘Secret Affair’ and ‘Moments of pleasure’. His debut EP, ‘Light and Dark’ is the culmination of many years of work and marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Dan Donovan.

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