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dad sports – name & place [Review]

dad sports – name & place [Review]

dad sports share their dreamy new track name & place.

It has been a busy year for the dream-pop outfit, with name & place being their 3rd release in 2020. You are invited to leave your stresses behind and enter their world of dreamy guitar hooks and lofty vocals. They describe their sound as ‘songs you and your grandma can cry to’. It’s easy to see why as the nostalgic feel to the track provides a warm cosiness that’s wrapped around the clinical soundscape.

The overall sound wouldn’t be out of place in a DIIV album. It has a similar drive that you get with the New York shoegazers. dad sports’ echoey, reverb-laden arpeggios further cement the similarity between the two. It’s a tough sound to master as it can sometimes be too hollow or too overbearing. dad sports carry this out with aplomb, bringing an uplifting catchiness to their sound. If you’re looking for a new shoegaze banger to listen to then look no further.

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