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Da-sh – See You Later [Video Premiere]

Australian pop-punk band Da-sh want you to know, not everything’s about you.

New Australian pop-punk band Da-sh are letting go of toxic people in their debut single ‘See You Later’. A bright and vibrant video to match this upbeat song, don’t be fooled into thinking there aren’t darker undertones to this single. ‘See You Later’ boldly reminds us that we are better off without that toxic person, no matter what they try and make you think.

Recorded with Troy Nababan at Hammerspace Studios, the song came together quickly after singer Ashlie and guitarist Dave had created a demo in their pajamas at Dave’s house. The video was shot with Joseph Varley of DarKSpirit Photography. Speaking of the video, Da-sh says “We love how Joseph’s videos have an ominous undertone. Even though the video is quite bright and pretty to look at, there is definitely the darker context there.” Finding energy and fun in that grey juxtaposition, ‘See You Later’ is an exciting and high-quality debut from the Australian rockers.


Da-sh is the brainchild of Ashlie Woods and David Thompson who hail from sunny Western Australia. Explaining their band name as the perfect combination of their personalities and musical contributions. “With a little sprinkle of Da and a little splash of Sh and a bipperty, bopperty, boo. Da-sh was formed.” With their debut release due on the 11th November with an awesome video to match, exciting things are in the pipeline for this new explosive band.

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