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D Fine Us ft. Noga Erez & Big T – The Fox [Review]

D Fine Us ft. Noga Erez & Big T – The Fox [Review]

D Fine Us has teamed up with Noga Erez and Big T to bring us The Fox.

Songwriter and producer Tomer Katz (D Fine Us) fuses early 00s trip-hop elements with more contemporary influences to create a super chilled musical journey. The full bass sound is complimented by the arrangement of the synths, filling the tune perfectly. As a result, the track entrances you and and stays with you for a while.

You can see the Moby influence shining through too, with the minimalist backdrop accentuated by the dulcet vocal tones. The synth flickers over the top with a catchy whistling effect that soothes your ears. There are many other influences present as well, again drawing from old and new inspiration. All this makes this a stand out track, leaving something in there for everyone.

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