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CRUX – CRUX+ [Album Review]

CRUX – CRUX+ [Album Review]

CRUX+ is the debut album from CRUX.

Filled to the brim with hip-hop-inspired pop beats and sheer confidence, CRUX+ is guaranteed to get you moving. From the mind of Tennessee based CRUX, this album is a lesson on how to write a free-flowing pop-centric album. The beats are phat and the sound is consistent throughout. CRUX is definitely leaving their mark on the pop sphere here.

This album is not just for pop fans. There’s the unmistakable sound of EDM throughout, best showcased in the tracks Neon Lights and oh boii. The synth tones are layered throughout and give the album a sharpness that can be missing with other pop albums. The different genres are in perfect balance, creating a sound that is designed to appeal to anyone.

As I mentioned before, the main genre is hip-hop infused pop, which is proving to be increasingly fruitful for artists now. You have the big bass sound and playful vocal lines that are synonymous with the genre in So Sexy, which carries right through to the final song on the tracklist Own That (++Track).

CRUX+ is one for any music fan who lives for the biggest of beats.

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