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Cory Liner – Short Boys Suck [Review]

Cory Liner – Short Boys Suck [Review]

Singer Cory Liner releases latest single ‘Short Boys Suck’.

Contrary to first impressions of the title, ‘Short Boys Suck’ is no diss track, but rather about sabotaging a romantic relationship for shallow reasons connected to your own insecurities. The latest single from singer Cory Liner takes on serious themes in a joking manner, bringing a light heartedness to the content. Taking influence from artists such as Charli xcx, pop and rap are successfully blended in this track, staying true to Cory Liner’s brand.

Cory’ Liner’s sound is often described as genre-less, as she takes influences from 2000’s bubblegum pop, modern hip-hop, psychedelic rock, and many more. The young artist has been making waves in the queer scene with her unique voice and artistic integrity. Speaking with humour and self-awareness, Cory Liner isn’t afraid to take on big subjects in her music which she writes and produces herself, staying true to the DIY culture.

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