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Connor Adams – Don’t Play with a Heart [Review]

Connor Adams – Don’t Play with a Heart [Review]

Don’t Play with a Heart is the debut single from singer-songwriter Connor Adams.

In Don’t Play with a Heart, Connor Adams has created a foot-stomping pop banger. This track not only introduces itself with strong lyrical hooks and a powerhouse vocal performance but also transitions into a full-scale rock anthem in its closing crescendo.

The meaning behind the track focuses on an unhealthy addiction to love, sex and the chase that’s formed through a toxic relationship. Connor says it’s about openly admitting the thirst for love, knowing full well that it’s a game of cat and mouse.

Adams’ ability to intercept your attention with his potent imagery lyrics provokes admiration. The song comes alive with Guitar Hero-worthy riffs, spine tingling melodies and notable stadium moments. Don’t Play with a Heart is a runaway train that’s being taken to the peak of the rollercoaster, to then vertically drop into insanity.

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