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Collective Beats – Win This Way [Review]

Collective Beats – Win This Way [Review]

Collective Beats releases world fusion single ‘Win This Way’ in support of Zero Malaria.

An exciting collaboration and fusion of artists, cultures and sounds, Collective Beats was initiated at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. They have managed to deliver their gripping debut ‘Win This Way’ which was written for the Zero Malaria Campaign. From a clean sheet, the strum of a guitar, the groove of a bass, the pulse of percussion, mixed with golden lyrics, comes an extraordinary confluence of beautiful world music. Due to Covid-19, none of the musicians have met in real life, with the entire recording being done in isolation, and tracks being sent back and forth. A triumph of technology and music, ‘Win This Way’ demonstrates the true power and community of music.

Collective Beats is a melting pot of world music, featuring Ngoma, Mbira, Ghatam (the earthen pot from South India), Morsing (the Jewish harp), Konnakol, Guitar, Bass, Piano and Electronica, together with unique voices from many Commonwealth countries. Led by Kevin Jenkins (Oxjam, ‘Make Poverty History’), ‘Win This Way’ features the lyrics of British-Namibian poet Christi Warner and Zimbabwean writer Edith WeUtonga. Collective Beats is also made up of Dr Ahir Utsav, James Chamanazi, Othnell Mangoma Moyo, Christophe Putters and Roshen Maduranga.

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