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Colin Magalong – Melo [Review]

Colin Magalong – Melo [Review]

Soulful San Franciscan Colin Magalong brings us the perfect soundtrack for a ‘Melo’ night in.

San Francisco born and Los Angeles based newcomer Colin Magalong is causing quite a stir on the music scene. Magalong grew up listening to the likes of Daft Punk, Michael Jackson and Kid Cudi, artists who have obviously inspired his funky R&B style grooves. Earlier this year, Magalong announced his arrival with the Michael Jackson ‘Off the Wall’ era style single ‘Blossom’, an energetic and upbeat funk number and club favourite in the making. However, his new single, ‘Melo’ is the polar opposite of ‘Blossom’ and a song for those quiet nights in falling in love and getting “wine drunk”.

‘Melo’ starts with a rippling groove and smoothly glides into Magalong’s silky smooth and soulful vocal delivery. Just as with ‘Blossom’, the nostalgia factor plays a big part in ‘Melo’, with the song even featuring the line, “Just like the ‘70s, home alone in your basement”. However, Magalong is far from simply a tribute to a bygone era. His voice may remind the listener of more recent artists such as Craig David or Justin Beiber, making Magalong a viable contender for big chart success.


Review by Alice Jones

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