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Colin Magalong – Blossom [Review]

Colin Magalong – Blossom [Review]

We get into the funky nu-disco groove, as we take a much anticipated listen to Colin Magalong’s debut track, ‘Blossom.’

If there is a song guaranteed to fill the floor at clubs and parties this year, this is it!  Here is a nostalgic and energetic mix of everything you’d expect from a perfectly formed funky disco track, incorporating a cutting edge pop feel combined with soul and r&b.  The underlying volume pulsating synths, and killer bass line resonate throughout, along with a snappy funk inspired drum beat. The upbeat, funky guitar hooks are something Nile Rogers himself would, without a doubt approve of. It is however Colin’s breezy, yet raspy and sultry vocals, which really lead the song. His energy and impressive vocal range is clearly demonstrated. The infectious chorus with its catchy hook, will have you singing along every time you hear it.

Colin Magalong is currently based in Los Angeles, and this newcomer seems to be causing quite a stir on the scene.  Growing up on the San Francisco peninsula, his musical inspiration came from the likes of Michael Jackson, Daft Punk and Kid Cudi.

The really clever part of the song is where Colin changes key for each note, as he sings, “All I wanna do is watch you blossom,” creating imagery of perhaps a flower blooming.  This goes to show that he isn’t at all afraid to be creative and to experiment with his sound.  It is expected that we will hear a lot more from him in the coming months, so get your groove on, and keep a look out for this bright, soulful new star.


Review by Elaine Summers

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