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Club Hula – Dolphins of Fun [Review]

Club Hula – Dolphins of Fun [Review]

Club Hula shares his dreamy blend of surf psychedelia with Dolphins of Fun.

Club Hula - Dolphins of Fun

The retro tones and twee melodies are the first things you notice with this one. Club Hula has an incredible knack of making simple chord progressions sound bigger and bolder. He creates a lucid soundscape in the main part and lets it run free into the hazy, groove-filled last few bars.

Dolphins of Fun has the same psychedelic essence of an Allah-La’s track. The wandering vocal line drifts over the musical stupor underneath. It’s catchy, sweetly woven and beautifully crafted. There’s also touches of 60’s psychedelia thrown in for good measure. The mellotron effect glows throughout, carrying the tune to new heights. Dolphins of Fun is the perfect track to ease you into the new year.

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