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CLOTHES – Never Home [Review]

CLOTHES – Never Home [Review]

Hattieburg band, CLOTHES have released their latest single ‘Never Home’, which like their sound, blends the genres of alternative, indie, rock and shoe gaze into one mesmerising mixture.

Their debut album ‘Dear Bobbie White’ was released on October 6th 2017, but they have since been hard at work in their home studio excited for the new batch of singles to drop, the first being ‘Never Home’.

‘Never Home’ begins with an extended intro of drums, base and guitar setting strong foundations for the song. It is soon joined by echoed vocals that in places seem to disappear into the melody. ‘Never Home’ has a catchy musical arrangement with a definite edge, that makes you escape reality for four minutes and 27 seconds.

If you enjoy listening to music that can transport you (which I love) then you should definitely give ‘Never Home’ a listen.


Review by Lucy Coombs

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