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Cleopatrick – Youth [Review]

Cleopatrick – Youth [Review]

Cleopatrick release their much anticipated and sparkling rock hard new single ‘Youth’.

The devilishly talented duo Cleopatrick have released their new single ‘Youth’. The pair are no strangers to success with their earlier single ‘Hometown’ reaching well over 8 million Spotify streams in the past 6 months. The single shreds through other styles of rock with a heady mix of gutsy rock layered with jazzy blues.

Frontman Luke Gruntz and drummer Ian Fraser have enjoyed a friendship since school. This close relationship certainly comes through their music as they accentuate each other which produces a harmony of lyrics to beat.

‘Youth’ is a lush set of uncomplicated rock that easy to listen to and enjoy. Cleopatrick have circumvented the hard rock theme and elevated it to something truly fantastic. Intelligent lyrics accompany a gritty rock backdrop.

Cleopatrick’s early exploits have earned them recognition and a spot at Lollapalooza 2018. They are bucking the trend and stigma attached with modern rock and filling their music with positivity, a totem of the value created by life’s many ups and downs.

Cleopatrick’s ‘Youth’ is more than worth a listen even if you discredit modern rock, when give these guys a try they may well convert any disbeliever and turn them into an ardent follower.


Review by Matthew Waters

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