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cleopatrick release their raucous music video for their latest single, ‘daphne did it.’

With a penchant for lower-case spelling and a passion for rowdy alt-rock, Canadian duo cleopatrick have already earned a dedicated fan base, as well as comparisons to icons like Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age. On their latest release, ‘daphne did it’, cleopatrick certainly live up to the hype. Shining in their individuality, this alt-rock group offers up a wild interpretation of modern rock.

As a two-man group consisting of a guitarist and a drummer, cleopatrick’s sound is obviously very concentrated in those two departments. The result is a gloriously heavy rock sound, with a powerful dialogue between the two instrumentalists that’s complemented by strong vocals and great use of distortion.

Like so many great rock acts of the past, there is something refreshingly strange about cleopatrick. This is seen first and foremost in the fact that the ‘daphne’ in the song’s title seems to be a reference to the Scooby Doo character: ‘I’m a mess / She’s all long red hair, she’s all purple dress.’ This wild creativity also shines through in the music video. Capturing a surprise gig at one of the band member’s family home in Ontario, the video cuts between shots of a raging house party and grainy childhood video footage.

Through it all, cleopatrick prove to have both a deeply genuine heart and a wild soul. The future looks very bright for this group.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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