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CjayQ – Sand [Review]

CjayQ – Sand [Review]

CjayQ has released his latest easy-going tune Sand.

The Californian based artist has had a steady flow of releases over the last five or six years, focusing his sound around stylish hip-hop jams and interwoven jazz nuances. Over time, CjayQ has built upon his sound, building on it to make sure it appeals to anyone. His latest track, Sand, is no different, as you are taken on a catchy mellow groove, dotted with every trait that lets you know you are listening to a CjayQ banger.

The difference with Sand is that it takes more of an indie/bedroom pop shape. You still have the fluid jazz influence which shines through the wavy guitar tones and the super catchy, hip-hop inspired vocal melody is there, but it has the added tweeness of a Mac Demarco hit. The track effortlessly glides around you, renewing your interest at different points. It all mixes into one killer hit, ensuring that you won’t forget this one in a while.

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