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City Dress – Going Broke [Review]

City Dress – Going Broke [Review]

Going Broke is the new dreamy melody from Brooklyn based City Dress.

After honing her talent at Berklee, City Dress (Christina Skramstad) decided to go it on her own, producing great results. The first thing that stands out is the wonderfully powerful vocals. They soar across the regimented percussion and solid piano, immediately putting you in a chilled out mood. It’s this mix between indie and folk characteristics that make this track so good.

It has a certain atmosphere of a Kate Bush track, with the the tune wondering through peaks and troughs thanks to the outstanding arrangement. Like the 80s icon, City Dress brings a heavenly feel to her work, too. The angelic vocal style strikes a harmonious chord, making this a track that you will want to listen to over and over again.

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