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Chiron Loxton – After Hours [Review]

Chiron Loxton – After Hours [Review]

Upcoming rapper Chiron Loxton has dropped his new album ‘After Hours’.

Chiron Loxton delivers a personalised album based around the atmosphere and vibrancy of nightlife from his own experiences within party culture scenes. A self-recorded and produced body of work with some input from his SoulInsights Crew.

Freedom and expression is what embodies this 17 track album, staying true to yourself and leaving worries at the door! Expressing festival spirit in an album and for fans of G-Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly, there is a need to rage as the sun goes down.

Somerset based Chiron Loxton writes with the inspiration of various genres of music, attending concerts and festivals and learning about a culturally diverse population. Chiron Loxton released an EP (Anthem) and received the opportunity to go on Hitz 103.9 FM (Accra) and Atl FM 100.5Mhz (Cape Coast) to talk about his music, and the music video he created in Iceland (3am).

Chiron Loxton developed his live show capabilities whilst competing in the Open Mic Uk competition with his energy and passion earning him a place in the final. Already envisioning this album being performed live, it is already clear that Chiron Loxton is going to share out his energy to audiences and take over stages worldwide.

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