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Chiara Dubey – The Hunt [Review]

Chiara Dubey – The Hunt [Review]

The Hunt is the ethereal new track from Chiara Dubey.

This is a unique and powerful ballad, blending soothing tones with dynamic changes in cadence to create a something truly memorable. Introspective, dreamlike, sometimes surreal and yet so intimate and human,
Chiara’s sound world is an elegant texture of reflections, unique soundscapes, and her gentle voice.

Through her music, she is mirroring her inner world and the way she sees and perceives life, opening a window to her soul and creating a connection between herself and the listener.

You can’t but feel like you’re seeing directly into Chiara’s psyche on this one, and as the melodies shift and change throughout, so does the listeners perception. The Hunt grows from subtle beginnings to crashing crescendos, keeping you on the hook from start to finish.

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