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Chasing Ella – Run [Review]

Chasing Ella – Run [Review]

Furthering their exploration into pure sun-drenched melody, Chasing Ella’s “Run” is an impressive addition to what has been a staggeringly good string of comeback singles.

Self-produced and engineered by frontman Jason Wozniak, the track has that rare effect of evoking both spatial and temporal associations within the mind through the course of its progression and in the vividness of its imagery. As the track begins the sound is one reflective of those summer evenings as the light goes hazy, basking in those moments of still serenity before the sun descends below the horizon and the night kicks into life, a feeling itself invoked in the glorious crescendo of the closing moments.

Slow without ever slipping into solemnity, “Run” balances its feelings of nostalgia with an intensively immersive urgency in its instrumentation, from the emotive interplay of textural sonics in the reverb-laden guitars to the understated beauty in the background vocal harmonies. The strength of a song such as this comes in its ability to draw you into the moment and hold you there, and “Run” is one that will have you grasped in the best possible way over and over as it reveals more with each subsequent listen. It’s a triumph.


Review by Jamie George

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